Virtual Session FAQs

Why would virtual sessions be of benefit to me?

Virtual therapy or coaching may be helpful for those outside of the San Fernando Valley area, or who find that it is difficult to schedule in-person sessions.

What equipment do I need to have virtual sessions?

It would require a computer, internet connection and downloading a program called "VeeSee" (like Skype) that will allow for video chat sessions. It is also necessary to have a quiet, private space where you will not be interrupted to make the most of the session time.

Does it feel strange or awkward to have virtual sessions?

It is actually quite similar to having an in-person session as it feels as though we are still able to make eye contact and see one another's body language. Once in a while, there may be technical issues but this is rare and is usually resolved quickly.

**Please note that virtual therapy sessions cannot be billed to insurance companies and potential recipients must be in the state of California**

Don't let geographic distance or scheduling conflicts keep you from getting the treatment that you need to feel happy and healthy. Call Christina Barber-Addis now for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if virtual sessions are a good fit for you! (818) 217-1647